Major Minors Nurseries

Committed to excellence in child care and education

The original Major Minors was founded in Godalming in 2000 and rapidly established itself as the leading local provider of full day care and nursery education. The nursery benefits from a central location on Bridge Road, spacious Grade II listed former school premises, and direct access to the open spaces of the Lammas Lands. In 2008 an opportunity arose to re-create that success at a new location in Dorking. This nursery occupies a beautiful setting just off the A24 near the main station and with wonderful views of Box Hill. In early 2012 we also acquired an independent, established nursery in Lightwater (close to the M3) which we have relaunched as a Major Minors nursery.

At the Major Minors nurseries we believe that music is an important aspect in developing children. Each of our rooms and the sleep room have CD players, which are used appropriately through out the day to set moods, to generate energy and to accompany singing, music and movement sessions. To reflect that belief in the power of music we have named our home rooms for the children Doh, Ray, Me, Fah, Soh, Lah, Te, Harmony, Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony. At Dorking we have a piano played by a member of the team.

Each room is tailored to the needs of the children as they develop, always giving them opportunities to extend their learning, play and development. We use the large playgrounds and gardens extensively and have created imaginative play areas for the children to explore. The Hobbit House and covered outdoor decking area at Lightwater, the Meadow at Dorking and the Lammas Lands in Godalming also provide a natural area to explore and play in where there is also shade under the trees to have picnics, stories and singing.

Come and see what makes being a child at Major Minors special.